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Rose Quartz Goddess Wand

The Goddess box

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Rose Quartz Goddess Wand - The Goddess Box
Rose Quartz Goddess Wand - The Goddess Box
Rose Quartz Goddess Wand - The Goddess Box
Rose Quartz Goddess Wand - The Goddess Box


Much fun to be had with these safer massage/pleasure wands! We have to be careful what we put in and on our bodies... why not take it to the next level and switch to natural toys.

Each wand is hand crafted for The Goddess Box in India. Natural variation can occur

Material: Natural Rose Quartz

Large: 17cm x 4cm

Medium: 13cm x 3cm

Petite: 10cm x 2cm



How can I use my wand?

  • Yoni Wand -Enhance pleasure and/or facilitate healing. Try alone or with a partner
  • Meditation tool
  • Whole Body Massage tool

How should I prepare and care for my wand?

Your Goddess Wand is made from natural materials and can break if dropped so please treat it with care. Your Goddess Wand can be cleaned with purified water or a mild Yoni soap after each use.

Before your initial use boil some water and allow to cool slightly then soak your wand for about 10-15 minutes.

I suggest unrefined and organic coconut oil if you would like to use a lubricant with your crystal Goddess Wand (crystal sex toy)

Charging and Cleansing

Your Goddess Wand can be charged in a myriad of ways: outside under a full moon, in a ceremonial bath with essential oils of your choosing, buried in the ground or during meditation. There is no right or wrong way!

If you feel that your Goddess Wand has accumulated negative or heavy energies you can release them in ways similar to how you charged your wand. Emphasize letting go- for example, if the wand sat in water, pour the water down the drain and set new intentions for your wand.

About Rose Quartz:

Visual clarity normally isn't important to a quartz's energetic quality and ability to amplify subtle energies. Quartz Is a power stone. It has been called the "Universal Crystal" because of its many uses. It enhances energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing and transmitting. It channels universal energy.

Quartz also enhances thoughts, as they are a form of energy. Because it directs and amplifies energy, it is extremely beneficial for manifesting, healing, meditation, protection, and channeling. It is also beneficial for storing and retrieving information of all types, as information is a form of energy pattern also.

Quartz enhances spiritual growth, spirituality, and wisdom. Because it clarifies thought processes and emotions, it can increase inspiration and creativity. It can also help particularly with concentration, studying, and retaining what one learns. Quartz is also a stone of harmony because it balances energies, and is even helpful in romantic relationships.

Psychically, quartz is a powerful stone. It is used for psychic protection because it counters black magic and protects from negative energy. Quartz is very useful on the third eye chakra for clarity of psychic vision and can be used to communicate with spirits and other worlds. Quartz is a stone that can access ancient wisdom and bring it into the present. It is a very good stone for astral travel, manifestation, channeling, dream recall and dream work.

Cultivate your sensuality & inner goddess. Experience the joy & healing power of this beautiful all-natural Shakti Wand™ inside your Yoni.


Size: 17cm x 4cm.

Material: A-Grade All Natural Obsidian Gemstone


See the description below to find out more about the Shakti Wand™ Obsidian

NOTE: Our gemstone wands are all-natural and might, therefore, vary slightly in shape and color.

- See more at http://mytinysecrets.com/shop/sexual-pleasure/14-shakti-wand-obsidian.html#sthash.577jQBc2.dpuf

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