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About Us

Welcome Gorgeous, this marketplace is for you.

I want to personally thank you for checking out Luna. Luna is about creating space for you to be exactly who you are free from personal or societal constraints. A safe space we can fill with discussions challenging our perceptions, rituals, and thoughts. Create a future in which you write the rules. Free to be!

What are we: 
Luna is a black and female owned marketplace specializing in products that support and enhance the feminine experience. Our products range from the gift-worthy to the less known goods like Yoni Eggs and Crystal Wands. We support female empowerment in all it's forms.
What we're into: 
Sacred Sexuality
Social Responsibility
Female Entrepreneurship

Reviews are greatly appreciated as they help to bring awareness to what we do here and give new customers peace of mind when shopping with us. You can review your purchase under each item that your purchase.

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Founder, Luna