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Picking your Yoni Egg

Not all Yoni Eggs are created equally!

Make sure you purchase from someone you trust.

When choosing Yoni Eggs for our shop we consider:

Yoni Safe material. Many natural stones are beautiful but not intended for internal use. Malachite contains copper, Selenite will dissolve, rhodochrosite contains lead. As with everything we use in and on our bodies doing your own personal research is recommended. Many retailers stock yoni eggs of numerous materials, we only stock materials that are 100% safe to be used internally.

Hard stones. Stones with a Mohs rating of 6 or above. Hard stones decrease the risk of cracking or fractures during processing, usage, and storage. Also, dense stones prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

One of the stones we provide, rose quartz is crystalline in structure. These eggs will chip or shatter when dropped so great care is needed while using them. Once these stones are damaged we do not recommend you use them. They still make beautiful decorative pieces or you can return them to the earth.

Purity. It is commonplace for manufacturers to pass on fake materials as natural stone. We stand by our product and can't wait to provide you personal pictures from one of the rose quartz quarries this summer!

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We have created a custom size, that in our opinion works for beginners and ladies who are a bit for experienced. Compared to other retailers we would consider our size to be a medium. You should have some awareness that you are holding the egg without any additional clamping. While we do recommend using them for kegel exercises, excessive 'kegeling" can end up stressing your muscles. Our custom sized Yoni Egg is designed to provide just enough weight to engage your muscles without being too big or too small.

Please note that our size is custom and may or may not be the same as other retailers


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So what Yoni egg should you start with?

Most women have questions about size, drilled vs. undrilled, and the fuss about metaphysics.

Size: We have taken care of the size question for you! Our custom size works for most ladies.

Drilled or undrilled: This is personal preference. We love drilled eggs! As long as you clean the hole there is no risk for infection (try our favorite method and run some plain floss back and forth through the hole while running water over it). Drilled eggs also give you the security of removing the egg whenever you like. There are also some advanced practices you can do with a drilled Yoni Egg.

Undrilled Yoni Eggs are great as well! Many ladies feel they are able to listen to their body and allow the egg to release on its own time. You can also use your fingers to gently remove the Yoni Egg. As you build up dexterity you will be able to remove the Yoni Egg with no problem.

Aesthetics: The beauty of natural stone is undeniable. The eggs are truly a gift from the earth worth displaying. If you are drawn to a Yoni Egg, by the way it looks, by all means pick that egg!

Metaphysical properties: You either believe it or you don't -you do not have to be a crystal expert to benefit from Yoni Eggs. Everything around us has an innate force (science) or energy (metaphysics). Crystals have been used and revered for centuries. The bible references crystals over 200 times! For those that choose to attune their mind, body and spirit the possibilities are endless.

Thousands of people have attributed healing and restoration to crystals. From our personal experience, women have much success dealing with sexual trauma, discovering their feminine energy and working through postpartum depression.

Please do not constitute any of this as medical advice. Crystals, and Yoni Eggs in particular, can be a tool that assists you in your life journey.

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You’re amazing!

Adding weight to your vaginal exercise is a trusted age-old practice. Increased lubrication, decreased incontinence, speedy postpartum recovery, more intense orgasms and a deeper connection to your divine feminine energy- everyone should experience the benefits!


Trust your instincts

There is no right way to use a Yoni Egg! Many women choose to meditate or sleep with their Yoni Egg before inserting. You set the pace of this practice, especially if you are using Yoni Eggs to heal from trauma.

The widest end of the Yoni Egg should be inserted first. Sensations will vary based on the size of the egg. If you feel as though the egg is ‘stuck’, lower into a squat, relax fully and bear down gently. A natural lubricant can also be used for easy insertion and removal.

Not recommended if your pregnant, in any pain or discomfort or if you are using an IUD or similar contraceptives. Please consult with your medical professional before using. The information presented by Luna does not constitute as medical advice.

How do I clean my Yoni Egg?

Mother nature is perfect!. The Yoni Eggs that we provide are naturally non-porous making them anti-microbial. No bacteria can grow within the stone so it’s vagina safe -even if you picked a drilled egg! Before using your egg for the first time it will need a thorough cleanse. Do this by soaking in warm salt water or using a mild feminine wash. We suggest you clean your egg before and after each use. Do not boil the egg.


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