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Beauty Boosting Powers of a Plant-Strong Vegan Diet

Lulu M

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Beauty Boosting Powers of a Plant-Strong Vegan Diet

Who is a plant-based vegan?

One who eats plant-based foods: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. A vegan does not eat animal flesh or animal by-products such as dairy and eggs.

There are many valid reasons and necessities to adopting a plant based vegan diet. For purposes of The Goddess Box’s series “The Beauty Inside,” I will focus on the ways a vegan diet enhances beauty from the inside out. No amount of scrubbing, cleansing and use of natural beauty products will transform our skin to radiance if we trash our insides. Cigarettes, alcohol, processed food and animal products are the detriment to our natural beauty.

How a Plant-Strong Vegan Diet makes you beautiful:


Animal protein is one of the most metabolically acidic foods. It creates conditions of acidity within the body after ingestion, forcing the body return to an alkaline state through demineralization of the bones and cells. The result of eating significant amounts of animal protein is accelerated aging. A diet free of animal products and full of plant foods creates an alkaline environment within our bodies.

No Dairy frees you from acne

Dairy is an acidic food and unnatural for humans to ingest. Because dairy is unnatural for us our bodies work hard to break it down and release it from our bodies, which can be in the form of acne. Not pretty!


The more fruits and vegetables we eat aids our digestive systems to expel toxins. With an irregular constitution, we are not flushing out dangerous toxins. Toxins can manifest as acne or recirculate within our bodies accelerating the aging process. Without proper fiber, straining occurs throughout the body that may cause varicose veins.

No more bloat

We don’t feel our best when bloated. How best to stay lean? Fill up on raw fruits and vegetables; avoid processed foods full of sodium and preservatives and oil. The cleaner the food, the cleaner your insides and the more beautiful you’ll feel and look on the outside!

Kindness is beautiful

Eating plant-strong empowers us to care more deeply for our planet and fellow beings. A vegan lifestyle promotes compassion and love making us truly beautiful.

Suzanne Genyk, MPH

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Here, at The Goddess Box, we are committed to healing ourselves and the planet for us choosing to adopt a vegan diet was a step in that direction. However, we support you and whatever dietary choices you make for you and your family.

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