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Healing from sexual trauma

Lulu M

Healing from sexual trauma
✨Yoni eggs can help✨

We do not talk about sexual trauma enough! Soo many women are suffering and avoiding in silence. We are aware of the common examples of sexual abuse but how about the examples where the abuse is self-inflicted (No judgment or blame. I can't think of a term that describes this scenario without placing blame). We use people to fill a void in our lives or get drunk and look for love and attention in the wrong places.

Am I alone in thinking that the consequences of self-inflicted abuse can be just as detrimental and hurtful as other forms.

However, we can be empowered through all circumstances. The goddess journey is yours alone. As I strive to reach my higher self I realize that I am full of love and ripe with potential.

The power I feel manifests deep in my ✨Yoni ✨


My recommendations include The Goddess Box Massage Wands and gentle stones initially, such as rose quartz.

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