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21 Affirmations for the Free Spirited Goddess

Lulu M

Rise and Shine. Inhale peace and exhale chaos. Life is great ladies and we have to appreciate it. But sometimes our minds get a little clouded and we need an extra dose of motivation to get us going or keep us going. Don’t fret, I’ve got you covered.

Add these 21 affirmations to your daily routine for a little boost to level up in whatever you do!

  1. I am a spiritually equipped powerhouse
  2. I am expecting the blessing of money and I am respecting the blessing of money (via @itstracyg on IG)
  3. I have everything it takes to conquer this day
  4. I am exuding the energy I want the universe to send my way
  5. I am comfortable in my skin
  6. I am appreciating the present moment
  7. I know the value I add to the world
  8. I honor the space where my intuition speaks freely
  9. I am enough
  10. I say “no” to all negative self-talk
  11. My confidence is constantly building
  12. I am a powerhouse, I am indestructible (via @picturethisvic on IG)
  13. Today I make myself a priority
  14. I am fierce and unafraid
  15. My efforts are intentional
  16. Fear only exists in my mind
  17. I am getting better everyday in every way
  18. I love myself unconditionally
  19. Today I won’t complain, I will complete (via @themattiejames on IG)
  20. I will embrace uncertainty and work through it
  21. I am not ordinary, I am extraordinary

Goddess HatWhen all else fails,  look at yourself in the mirror and say "I'm a goddess", a couple of times, trust me you will instantly feel more prepared to tackle what's ahead.


Do you have a mantra that get's you through the day? Please share in the comments below.


Written for The Goddess Box by Sharae' "Rae LaShae" Cooper

Sharae' "Rae LaShae" Cooper is a budding entrepreneur, aspiring philanthropist, and creative writer from Detroit, MI. Graduate of Wayne State University, Sharae' is an up and coming PR Specialist. When she's not working on her brand, representing other brands or writing, Sharae' enjoys making music, attending poetry showcases and getting lost in music. Check out her personal blog at and follow her on Instagram at @Raelashaecoop

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