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10 Books for the Modern Goddess

Lulu M

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10 Must Read Books For The Modern Goddess

My friend, who just started reading for pleasure (don't judge her lol!), asked me to put together a list of books she absolutely must read before the summer. I picked 10, all easy reads, all by female authors, and all with above average relatability.

My favorite books are ones in which I find a piece of myself in there somewhere -bonus points if it inspires me to action.

Self-awareness may seem like a simple concept but sometimes to fully recognize the divinity in our nature as women, we need a nudge or two. I want her, and you, to feel inspired.

 (Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, if you choose to make a purchase I may receive a small commission -at no additional cost to you)

So, if you are looking for a little inspiration here are my recommendations (in no particular order):

  • Bad Feminist –Roxanne GayBad Feminist is a collection of essays that discuss politics in relation to feminism. The writer employs humor to take us on her evolutionary journey as a woman. Bad Feminist attempts to dissect how our environment and the cultural practices we are exposed to shape the women we become.
  • Into the Go SlowBridgett M. Davis: This historical fiction explores the troubled relationships between Africans and African Americans. It tells the story of Angie, a young African American woman, whose quest for closure from her sister’s death leads her on a journey of self-awareness and cultural discovery.
  • Bossypants - TinaFeyThis autobiography aims to tell the story of a woman trying to the climb the ladder in an industry that tells her no at every turn. Bossypants teaches all women that they do not need to fit into any box; there are more than a thousand ways to be a woman.
    • In the Company of WomenGrace Bonney: In the Company of Women is a collection of portraits and interviews with 100 powerhouse females. The book features media moguls, tattoo artists, fashion designers, architects and so much more. These women tell their stories and the obstacles they had to overcome on the road to success.
    • Daughter of FortuneIsabel Allende: In this beautiful work of art, Allende tells the story of a woman seeking to understand herself more. Daughter of Fortune is a story about everyday problems that everyday women face. We are allowed a glimpse into how one woman struggles to solidify her place in a male-dominated society.
    • Question for AdaIjeoma Umuebinyuo: Ijeoma’s collection of poems is an unapologetic celebration of womanhood. In this book, she uses her lush lyricism to tell stories of love, passion, and pain. Raw and sometimes heartbreaking women will find their story in this book.
    • Swing TimeZadie Smith: The British novel tells the story of two biracial women who encounter each other in 1980s London. Two thumbs up because I love all her work and I grew up in London.
    • How to Build a GirlCaitlin Moran: This is fearless and raunchy storytelling at it's best. Not your typical coming of age story. How to Build a Girl explains the societal pressure to be an “ideal” woman and the painful realization that she doesn't exist.

    So, that's my 10! If you've read any of the books on this list, I want to know what you think. Share your thought in the comment section below.


    I have 3 more (ok, 4) that I absolutely must add

    This one because it's funny

    I'm Judging You: The Do-Better Manual -Luvvie Ajayi: My fave to read in public...especially on a flight! Luvvie is hilarious and says what we have all been thinking about...well, everything.

    The rest are genuine and poetic pieces of art

    Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth -Warsan Shire: Shire’s words make you feel…in a raw, sincere, and intense way you may not have ‘felt’ in a long time. Also, she wrote much of Beyoncé’s Lemonade.

    Milk and Honey -Rupi  

    The Sun and Her Flowers -Rupi Kaur

    Her writing is eloquent and provocative. The illustrations alone make these books a great addition to your collection.

    Do you have any more to add to the list? 


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